Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Character Building

The children of tomorrow ... higlighted most in the mind of the educators... the duties of teachers not only teaching but educating at same time and most relevance is to instill the good values. Educators mission this era facing with 'gross' attitude of students...Previously in Maktab/university teachers not really taught how to handle particular student that intentionally being rude..eq: putting both his legs on the table,.making unacceptable action during class, leaving the class without permission, converse 'dirty' words to teachers and etc. The maktab/university syllabus taught teachers to apply the psychological approaches theories to overcome particular secenario.Poorly, the theories sometime doesn't match and most of the time dissapointed us. Is it just because teachers are lacking on the knowledege of psychcology?

Most typical teachers may assume that students in upper secondary should be more behave or discipline. Unfortunately, it happend other way around. Parents start to blame teachers,- the 10 years good services of a teacher ruin just because of 'one black Monday'- in class the teacher asked a student to leave the class. (student being rude to the teacher)

I starts to ponder what if its happen to me?.. I prayed to Allah may Him help me to control my emotion during my lecture.. I don't want rage to be in my soul even I knew I have a bit of it on me...

Moulding the characters of students not an easy task... for me sincerity is a top priority to make it a reality. So, educators never give up.. Tall oaks grow from little acorns.. Perseverance is the key.. All the best Educators..

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